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in Banking - 18 Dec, 2012
by Abhiram Ayappan - 13 comments
How to Activate SBI Net Banking and Mobile Number Approval Form?

We are trying to cover every aspect of SBI Net banking in this article, and if you think that we’ve missed out something, we’d be adding it right away and do let us know in the comment section below. SBI (State Bank of India) is a well-known state owned and controlled banking and financial services offering firm operating in India since July 1st 1955. At present, it is India’s biggest banking and monetary services firm when it comes to total assets, revenue, and market capitalization it possesses as compared to other Indian based banking companies.

There are many branches that are widely spread all over the nation, and it gives it consumers an online banking system commonly referred to as SBI-CMP. SBI Net banking is one of the best option that saves great amount of time and helps you to transfer money without standing in queue lines by wasting you valuable time.

sbi netbanking 300x300 How to Activate SBI Net Banking and Mobile Number Approval Form?

SBI Net banking

If you are having an account in this bank, and wish to initiate SBI Net banking, you are required to fill up the form of SBI Internet banking, and submit that form to the respective branch where you initially opened your bank account. As an immediate response to your request, the respective Branch Officer will setup online account for you.

SBI Internet banking is really an appealing feature offered by SBI to its customers, since it provides several banking functions and applications along with top Internet security powered by VeriSign.

If you wish to activate SBI internet banking facility on your account, you are required to follow the below mentioned steps precisely.

How to Activate your SBI Net banking Account

  • In order to your SBI net banking, the account holder has to visit the bank’s official online website at www.onlinesbi.com, and download the registration form for SBI Internet Banking. Then, he has to fill up the form completely, and then submit it to the branch where he has opened his/her account.
  • The customer may have to wait to get the official user ID and password sent by the bank representatives to the customer’s email id. Normally, the branch officer will exclusively hand out an internet banking kit for the respective customers. Then, the customer will receive his/her secured internet banking user ID and password through courier.
  • After receiving user ID and password, the customer can visit the firm’s online banking website to complete the internet banking setting up process. Depending on the type of account, the customer has to click on either personal or corporate banking. Normally, both these tabs are positioned on the right-hand side of the login screen. The customer has to completely read through the initial website page as incited, and then click on the “continue to login” tab present at the bottom.
  • The customer will be prompted to type in user ID and password, and if the proper details as provided by the bank are entered, the customer’s online banking account page opens.
  • As mentioned in SBI net banking registration sheet, it is actually obligatory for all bank customers to transform their user-ID and password as per their wish, when they sign-in to their online banking account for the very first time.
sbi netbanking 1024x372 How to Activate SBI Net Banking and Mobile Number Approval Form?

SBI Internet Banking

SBI Net Banking Mobile Number Approval Form

The SBI customers are recommended to follow the below presented simple steps in order to download the SBI internet banking Mobile-Number Approval form from the bank’s official website.

  • Sign in into online banking account by visiting the bank’s online website at www.onlinesbi.com, and inserting the right user ID and password details.
  • Click on the profile tab to modify the mobile number.
  • Alter the phone number, and print or download the approval form in case you don’t obtain the authentication password to your mobile.

Fill-up the form completely, and submit the same to the branch, where you have your account. This completes the process. Thus, in this way you can activate your SBI Net banking account and Mobile Number Approval form.

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